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Bridge Server Log vs Transaction Log

Bridge Server Log

Use the Bridge Server log for general process information (log less but important resp. exceptional events):

  • Scheduler started/ended
  • Order found / not found
  • File found / not found
Transaction Log

Use Transaction Log for deeper analysis (log information per object/transaction):

  • Infos that are in a transaction context, like which messageID has initiated that process
  • Performance relevant information

Logging Hints

You want to to filter for the log information.In this case, it is recommended to use the transaction log. The transaction log is structured by tabs and can easily be pasted into an Excel sheet to use all Excel filtering facilities.
You want to add statistical information to the E2E Dashboards.Use the log operation from the Process Tracing package in your service model.
You want to log service dependencies.Set a transactionID. A transactionID allows you to trace information through the call stack of multiple service calls.
You want the E2E Bridge Monitor Service to notify you on an error, but the service should continue to run.Use a log operation of type "Error".
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