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The E2E Education Lessons 1-3 serve as a self learning program for developing a Web service with E2E Bridge. The education leads you through a development process divided into three lessons, which will teach you to build services based on the E2E Bridge platform. Each lesson can be accomplished in about a day.

The development tutorial is designed for MagicDraw™18.
If you are using MagicDraw™17, please refer to the Tutorials for MagicDraw 17.

By working through E2E Education Lesson 1, you will learn

  • how to install the software and tools on your system, which are necessary to develop, test, and run a simple Web service
  • how to handle E2E Builder for MagicDraw and E2E Embedded Runtime
  • how to draw a UML model with MagicDraw
  • how to compile and deploy your own xUML service with the E2E Model Compiler
  • how to test and debug your own Web service with the E2E Interactive Debugger
  • how to manage service composites on the E2E Bridge

The goal of Lesson 2 is to create a Web service that receives data. The Web service processes the data and returns it back.

By working through this document, you will learn

  • how to create classes and associations
  • how to use objects and pins
  • how to use operations and functions in Action Scripts
  • how to define call operation actions how to perform simple mappings
  • how to test and debug your own Web service with the E2E Interactive Debugger and the E2E Analyzer

The goal of Lesson 3 is to model a Web service that receives a search request. The requested items are searched in an XML data source file. For each found record a currency conversion is performed. The necessary exchange rate is received from an external SOAP Service. If the search is successful, the Web service sends the search result back.

By reading this document, you will learn

  • how to draw more complex class diagrams
  • how to reuse activity diagrams how to copy activity diagrams
  • how to use decisions
  • how to design a SOAP interface from scratch
  • how to work with arrays
  • how to use value pins
  • how to define iterations with an expansion region
  • how to use transformations
  • how to use static operations within Action Script
  • how to read a file
  • how to use a backend adapter
  • how to use an alias how to map XML data to objects
  • how to exchange messages with an external SOAP Service
  • how to use the E2E Action Wizard
  • how to manage test cases
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